show off for father’s day!

It kinda sucks for fathers that Mother’s Day comes first because we could very well use Father’s Day as a get-even holiday. You know, like say, your husband came in with a bunch of half-dead pink carnations that he bought while at a stoplight because he totally forgot it was Mother’s Day. You could very well make sure that he got a brand new pack of three ring socks on his day and I wouldn’t even be mad at you. But this year, let’s forget that his Mother’s Day gift might not have gone down how you imagined and focus on him. The man you vowed to love till death do you part. The man that you laid down with (or maybe you were standing, I dunno…) and conceived your beautiful child or children with. Or perhaps he took the role on of being the father to your children from a previous relationship. Regardless of how it went down, he’s the father in the household. Providing the bacon and attending tee-ball games with much enthusiasm. That guy is the one you wanna show off and out for on Father’s Day.

Here are some ideas of how you can do it. Try one idea or mix it up and do a few!

A very classic idea would be to serve him breakfast in bed. Pick up all of his morning time faves, employ the kids to help, make sure everything is cooked to absolute perfection, serve it on a nice tray with smiles all around and wait for the praise. There should be praise. If you need ideas, tips and breakfast recipes then check out

Get crafty because it’s just the proper thing to do. Since school is already over by the time Father’s Day rolls around, it’ll be up to you to gather the kids around a table of construction paper, glue, colorful pipe cleaners, rocks and whatever else you’ve got in your stash (’cause everybody has a craft stash, no?) to make something nice for him. Nothing says I love you like a Dad Rocks paperweight made of…well, rocks so get crafting!Get the tutorial for this baby on Or if crafting isn’t your thing, sing him his favorite song with the kids and videotape it. As long as his favorite song isn’t Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake,” of course.

Give him an experience. Skip the bottle of cologne this year and grant him with a day filled with action he’ll never forget like racecar driving. A lot of men have the need for speed anyway, so why not let him get it all out on the racetrack where there’s no chance of him getting a speeding ticket? Cloud9 Living has a bunch of experience gifts available in various cities. Check ’em out.

Let the man do his own thing. I’ve noticed a unique thing with Mother’s Day/Father’s Day since becoming a mom. Yes, you’re a parent and you’re being celebrated for being such, but does that mean that you’re supposed to spend the entire day with the kids? On the one hand, you’re a mom and your kids should be showering you with kisses and gifts and good behavior all day, right? But on the other hand, it’s like, hey, I’m a mama! It’s hard work!! How about I see you all after my spa day, a bit of shopping and lunch and drinks with my girls. And I don’t wanna have to cook dinner when I get home either. Hollaaaaaa!!! And your husband may want the same thing! So if he wants to go play golf, or shoot basketball or go fishing or stay holed up in his mancave all day playing video games…whatever his thing is then let him without a whole lotta hassle.

Give him a pass. And no, I’m not talking about a cheating pass! This isn’t that kinda blog. I’m talking about printing up a few cutesy passes for things he normally does that he might dread doing from time to time. Like taking out the trash. Or walking the dog. Or mowing the lawn. Don’t get too crazy with the passes though and print out too many or else nothing will ever get done around the house again. Limit the passes, honey.

Do a little photoshoot. Family portraits can get really expensive and mostly everyone owns a camera these days so tell him you’d like to take some photos of him and the kids. Make it fun! Get goofy!

See what he’s in need of. Now this doesn’t have to be a gift-gift. You don’t have to wrap it up or anything. Maybe you can just slip it in. Does he need a new razor? Could he use a new pack of boxers? Heck, maybe his deodorant or protein mix is low. Whatever he’s in need of, go pick it up for him. He’ll be surprised that you did. Or maybe you do that kinda thing all the time and he won’t be surprised, but he’ll be grateful nonetheless.

Make him a snack basket. My husband loves his snacks and I’m not talking about a bag of chips. I’m talking Now & Laters, Skittles, cookies, ice cream and all that so providing him with his favorites is an all-around win. Put together a snack pack for your husband and include some of his favorite drinks too.

Get dinner right! Whether you take him out to his favorite restaurant or cook his favorite meal, make sure it’s special. And don’t bug him about cleaning up in the kitchen afterwards because that’s a sure way to like ruin the whole day. Wait until Monday, at least.

Lastly, ladies, sex. Yep, even for Father’s Day. Men don’t care if it’s their birthday, Colombus Day, Easter or Secretary’s Day they want sex. So go on and whip it up on him like only you, his wife, know how.